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Medical Alert Systems from LifeStation®

Why You Should Choose LifeStation:

UL-listed monitoring center

It's affordable - under $1 per day

You can cancel at any time

Call Anytime Day or Night

California - Northern 877-744-2389
California - Southern 855-322-5008
Colorado 866-870-4269
Hawaii 866-746-0882
Oregon/Washington 866-745-7575

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pressing the LifeStation wallbutton

Includes a FREE
Wall Button

  1. Press your help button
  2. Get assistance
  3. Help is on the way
diagram of how LifeStation works
Monitoring Center representative

A medical alert system is only as good as the monitoring center behind it.

  • LifeStation operates in a UL Listed monitoring center
  • Every medical alert emergency call is handled by our highly trained and CSAA certified Care Specialists who stay on the phone with you until help arrives.

When it comes to senior monitoring, you want to know that the monitoring center is always available in case you need to press your help button. With LifeStation, for less than $1 per day you can be assured that you will always be connected to who respond immediately in a friendly, calm manner and stay with you until help arrives.

LifeStation medical alert console

LifeStation's medical alarm console is simple and straightforward to set up.

Just plug in the console to a phone jack and power outlet and you're ready to go.
Your UL Listed LifeStation medical alert system includes:

  • A waterproof help button so there's no need to take it off when you're in the shower or bath
  • Necklace or bracelet attachment so you can wear your help button however you like
  • Enhanced range so you can communicate with LifeStation Care Specialists from anywhere in your house and even outside — up to 500 feet from the console!
  • Automatic weekly tests to help ensure that your medical alarm equipment is working properly
  • A built-in battery backup so your medical alert system keeps working during power outages
  • Monitoring multiple people in your home (additional buttons required)

LifeStation offers a variety of other useful accessories and services including lockboxes for easy and secure entry into your home in an emergency and additional bathroom and hallway help buttons for protection where you need it most.


Includes a FREE
Wall Button

A LifeStation medical alarm gives you peace of mind for under $1/day.

With LifeStation, you know that when you need medical attention, help is always available at the touch of a LifeStation button.

  • No deposit
  • Free shipping
  • No long-term contract
  • Cancel at any time
Mother and daughter

“…peace of mind…”

It give me peace if mind to know you are available when my mom needs help. And your price was better with no compromise in your service. Thank you!

Wanda C.
Enumclaw, WA

“…pleasant and caring and helpful…”

Your care specialists are always pleasant and caring and helpful, even when the alarm goes off by accident.

Sandra M.
Cottage Grove, OR

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